Talk about Mining Social Data in Centro San Agustin DGTIC UNAM México

Hi, The next Monday (18 Junio 2012) I will give a short talk about development techniques (Node JS, Python, MongoDB) about Mining Social Data (Twitter, Facebook and others) and a gentle introduction to Collective Intelligence. The place is in Centro San Agustín.
República de El Salvador 70,Centro Histórico. México D.F. at 4:00 to 5:30 pm. More info on

Hola , el próximo Lunes estaré dando una charla de técnicas de desarrollo ((NodeJS, Python, MongoDB) para de Mineria de Datos de Redes Sociales (Twitter, Facebook y otros) y una pequeña introduccion a la Inteligencia Colectiva. El lugar es en Centro San Agustín. República de El Salvador 70,Centro Histórico. México D.F. at 4:00 to 5:30 pm. Más información en


Moving on….to Data Science!

Yep. Thats true. We are moving on. The reason is because i want to share my little knowledge on Data Science, Emerging technologies (Python,MongoDB,Erlang,Collective Intelligence,Natural Language Processing,Hadoop,Redis,Node.JS,Machine Learning and all related stuff), and off course how you can integrate with your own data or Social APIS for get this data and analyze, visualize, put to work some algorithms … and build your own products…sounds good isn`t it? . I want to be (and the way is long and hard) a Data Scientist. May be you are asking the question?..And whats about all Adobe Stuff? and why Data Science..Well Tecnhology is great. Life is good, but i use technology for get a result (what ever it is). I discovered almost 9 months ago when i bought a book about Collective Intelligence. Then i felt like the princess when she was kissed by the prince. I was charmed. I was charmed about what you can do with big data for store, analyze, visualize, predict, etc.. . I lost the “spark” a long time ago for write things that i dont feel passionate (traditional web). I want to share with you what am i learning about this fascinanting field , and off course , what you can do with this things. Off course i have to live. So i will still develop appilcations (traditional applications and mobile stuff) So do u want to join me?..It will be fun. By the way i just remember my friend Alberto Gonzalez when decided to move on Security. I was like no way is not possible. Everything its possible… I am moving on to…Data Science. Do you want to know what it is and what its possible?. See this article